Review: Make Up Store brush cleaning soap



**the picture above is credited to Make Up Store Australia website

Hi dear everyone, today’s post is a review over Make Up Store brush cleaning soap( Retails Au$18.00)..

I first heard of this product was when I was reading blog posts from The girl who is the creator of the blog taught me a lot of things.

After I felt in love with makeup, one of the first few products I have invested were makeup brushes. Of course I then learnt that cleaning of those brushes are darn important no matter if it’s spot cleaning or deep cleaning.

With spot cleaning, I have tried Korean brand Missha and then MAC brush cleanser. To sanitize my daily used brushes, these products are doing their job well, especially for those eye brushes. However when it comes to cleaning those face brushes, spot cleaning simply does not cut it.

With deep cleaning, I tried baby shampoo however I find that while it’s gentle on the brushes, it won’t completely clean the foundation brushes because of the oil contains in the foundations. Normally I would use some of my makeup remover to rid the oil and then wash with the baby shampoo.

Now let’s get into the topic- Make Up Store brush cleaning soap. I don’t know how I managed to wash my brushes without this baby for the last 1.5 years! All I need to do is to swirl my brushes on the soap a few times, viola, all become squeaky clean without residual without oil and all dirtiness are without the trace(hate those yellow stains!)

The soap is a life saver, my friends! There are no shedding after the wash and all my brushes are as soft as it was.


Hope you enjoyed the post.

What products do you use to clean your brushes? Any recommendations ?

Thank you for reading.