Current wish list

Sorry I have been missing in action lately. I have been test driving some products and gathering thoughts however when it comes to sitting down and writing up some posts, I find myself lacking patience and concentration. 

Now the excuse part is out of the way, I would like to share with you my current wish list. 

 1. Chanel Le Sautoirs de Coco Collection for  Spring 2016 Image credit: Temptalia

2. Gucci leather Soho Disco Image credit:

3. Chanel Classic flap jumbo caviar in black with silver hardware  Image credit:

Side note: I have been doing some research on the Chanel classic flap; the price is going up so steeply each year and it makes me regret that I have not used my money wisely and spent money on this classic bag earlier.

I love a good bargain and have always loved buying shoes, clothes and bags without thinking of brands. It seemed to me that styles are the first and foremost and I could change up often without worrying about the cost. 

I was told once that I should invest in designer bags rather than buying any bags in which its value will depreciate. At the time I did not agree with the theory however; now I do. With all the money I spent on bags that did not last for long, I could have bought at least one Chanel classic flap a few years back. Sigh!

It will take me a long while to get my wishes come true, so it’s time to save up and shop wisely.

What are on your wish list?

Thanks for reading.


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