Do you collect and/or use your makeup products?

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Hi dear everyone! When I was reading Kyashi’s Makeup Box‘s post “Pan the Palette Challenge”, a thought struck me! Actually this thought coincides with my constant review of my keep-buying, cannot-stop-collecting makeup products but never-get-to-know-them behavior.

As fun and addictive as collecting lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, blushes, bronzers, powders and many other beauty stuff, sometime I feel that putting all these gems in use(especially with lipsticks and eye shadow palettes) seems more satisfactory than just looking at them. However, at times, I do love just looking at those beauties and appreciate their existence. I don’t know why, but it mostly likely because it is so difficult to collect all those items and get them shipped from overseas rather than accessing it locally from Australia. Let’s not even mention about those prices!

I love makeup and will always continue to collect , however, for the next few months, I want to put my thoughts into practice, that is, stop buying new products for a little while(excludes those are already on the way), focusing on one or two eye shadow palettes in my stash for a week, mix and match other products(try to rotate them as much as possible) and see how many looks that I can create.

What are your thoughts on today’s topic? Please share in the comments.

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